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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My house is in chaos. Not my household, my house.

I realized this when I looked up from my naptime knitting. It makes sense that my house is in chaos, because for the past couple days my knitting has been in chaos. I have been swatching, frogging, starting, frogging and in general going nowhere. Even my WIP's can't hold my attention. What could have been causing all this cluttered knitting? AHA! A cluttered house!

So, I took some of my precious naptime and sparkle-cleaned the most obvious culprits. And now I have a teeny tiny grudge because I had to clean up the supplies that were used by my Boys to make my birthday card. I waited three days, and no one picked up. That just isn't fair.

But now the house is reasonably clean and now maybe my knitting will become inspired again.

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