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Monday, November 06, 2006

The System

I am an organizer. I am not necessarily a cleaner but I am an organizer. I'm also a very mathematical thinker. I come up with logical ways to accomplish things. It helps me preserve my sanity.

Several months ago I did a yarn inventory in Excel. I was curious about what I had and how much and I thought it would be useful to have a list of some sort.

I had over two hundred balls of yarn. YIKES!

I have groups of 10-20 that are dedicated to projects, groups of 5-10 that are dedicated to projects in the making. Piles of yarn that have no project but I got enough so I could do a project should one come to mind.

Then there are the randoms. This was what genuinely shocked me. There were the odd balls that were left over from completed projects. Balls from projects that I scraped. Balls that I loved or wanted to try that never made it past the speculation stage. Random balls from when my mom cleaned out her stash. The list went on and on.

But I love yarn and my hobbies are the one frivolous expense I give myself.

So I came up with a solution to help me deplete my stash but still buy yarn:

For every two balls I consume/sell/give I can buy one ball.

That's it. That's the system. It's simple. It's motivating. It's easy to moniter in Excel. And best of all, I now only have 127 skeins/balls/cones of yarn in my inventory. I have made progress!

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