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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Daring Bakers-July

The July Challenge for Daring Bakers is a Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream. I don't know how DBs choose thier recipes, or how they choose the person who chooses the recipes, but you can follow the link above to get the recipe. I cut, paste, deleted all the info I didn't need and ended up with a three page recipe. That is a challenge! I'm still amazed I haven't found this group before.

Whenever I make a convoluted recipe I assemble all my ingredients to get a quick visual. Not only do I find out quickly if I have enough of everything, but it also gives me a picture to post here. This batch of ingredients is deceptive, most of them get used two or three times, as there are six different parts to this cake.

Another picture to entertain while I blather:

I immediately decided not to veganize. First of all, there were a million eggs and a fair share of cream and butter. Second, with all those eggs, I was in for a mess wih my altitude adjustments anyway.

Altitude adj for approx 5000 feet:
  • Increased oven temp 15 degrees
  • There were seven yolks and five whites--I used all seven whites.

The cake rose beautifully and (sigh of relief) stayed risen. It was perfectly risen--no dome or sinkage at all! And for some reason, no picture at all! The assembly was straightforward, though there were lots of steps.

New to me:

  • I've never successfully toasted nuts before this. Usually there are more cinders than nuts. I had to keep my wits about me (ergo I made the cake last night when everyone was in bed)
  • I've never made this kind of buttercream. It came out light and fluffy and perfect. I still don't like buttercream.
  • Never made praline, or praline paste. It was surprisingly simple.

I prepared everything last night except the ganache, which I made this morning (and put in my coffee, and debated puring on my eggs, and considered bathing in, but I digress). I had a dark chocolate ganache on my wedding cake (which my mom made) so there is a special place in my arteries heart for ganche.


Like my cakestand? The idea has potential--you could stuff a couple pretty flowers or berries in the wineglasses. I especially love the way my 5yo sauntered into the picture wearing only his underwear. All sorts of classy around here, let me tell you.

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