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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mars vs Venus

Mid June:
Me: I think I want that corner unit in the basement to come upstairs.
DH: Why?

Late June:
DH: A coworker is switching apartments and needs help moving.

Early July:
Me: I want to bring up that corner unit. I need help though.
DH: (without moving) mm hmm

Mid July:
DH: My buddy needs help moving some furniture so they can refinish their floors.

Three Days Later:
DH: Buddy needs my help moving the furniture back.

Late July:
Me (to mother): I'm going to move this unit upstairs.
Mom: That would be perfect!

DH: I haven't lifted weights for a week! I need a workout.
Me: I need your help moving that corner unit.
DH: I mean a real workout. So why do you want to move it again?

This Week:
DH: Some coworkers had a disaster with their closing and they need help moving their stuff into storage tonight.
Me: ?!?
DH: What?
Me: I don't mind you helping. But I need you to promise you'll help me move that corner unit tonight.
DH: Okay, I'll do it when I get home. (In his head: Why does she seem slightly irrational? Must be That Time.)

Last Night:
Me: Look downstairs! I assembled five shelving units, picked all the toys up off the floor and moved the (250 lb)treadmill.
DH: Why didn't you ask me? I would have helped to move all that stuff.
Me (In my head): Because I don't think we'll still living here in 2015.

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