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Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Not Easy Being ???

So, the grand finale of a tour of Brown Sheep is shopping in their Seconds store. These are the yarns that didn't make the cut. They may be off dye-lots, have lots of knots, discontinued, whatever. Of course, the yarn is sold at a discount.

The astute of you may notice a significant trend in my new stash entrants:

The other ladies in my group were giggling at this. I felt no need to justify. I know what I like.
But then my mother said

"You should see her house!" My face turned from sheepish (no pun intended) grin into mild horror.

Exhibit A: Yarn-"Cactus" Living Room Paint: "Olive Oil"

Exhibit B: Yarn "Pistachio" 5yo Bedroom: "Corn Husk"

Exhibit C: Yarn "Peridot", 2yo Bedroom "Grasscloth"

I did have a sweater's worth of a burgandy-ish color. My mom and I found a pattern we both liked and decided to each make it (as a race). When I saw the color she picked (a wine-y color), we knew we needed to switch one (we mean to swap on occasion). The only other color that appealed was, of course, green.
Okay. So I like green.
The other yarns are for a Christmas present. The roving is for a technique I want to try.

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