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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The WreckRoom

The gateway to My Sewing Room is an area the former owner set up for bachelor entertaining--perfect for a cheap kegger. There's a sink, and a space for a fridge, wood paneling, and a door that leads out to a patio area. He offered to install the rest of the neon (I kid you not!) and we declined.

We use it a playroom/gym. This is where all toys live when we have to clean and it's where I workout, when I workout.

I realized it was also a disaster area this week. The kiddos have been leaving toys in My Sewing Room because they are playing in it. I sweep all of it out and it comes right back in. I kept asking why until I realized:

They can't play in the playroom because it sucks.

Thus, we move on to the next project--Operation WreckRoom.

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