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Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Knitting Day 8

Who wouldn't want to knit when the weather looks like this?

I woke up and saw this beautiful drizzle and drank hot tea out on the deck for a couple minutes. Then I packed the kids up and took them to starbucks for hot chocolate (it's been so long since we've had hot chocolate) and went to the craft store for a rainy day project--iron-on transfers and t-shirts. Puddle jumping will be the order of the afternoon.
And I knit:

This is right before the armhole shaping. This means I suddenly have rows that are 40 stitches shorter and they keep decreasing. What is it about armhole shaping that gives me more mojo? My rows are shorter, but that means the futzy end-weaving comes more frequently. Anyway, I am cruising along. At this rate I will be on the neck and arm bands by Monday.
Barring disaster.

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