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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From Bento to Bags

I am quickly losing my ability to be rational.

I found my perfect bento.

It's a charming blue and has a dragonfly motif. In a house of boys I felt the dragonfly would be considered manlier than fat bunnies or flowers. Although the darling bunnies were tempting. And the flowers.

I then found that this bento has a whole darned series: Three different sizes, special bands, chopsticks, drawstring bags, cutlery and something called a Furoshiki.

I ordered the whole kit. Then I looked up Furoshiki. And I ended up on a site where my pretty bento (arriving in 3-6 weeks) is an accessory.

It seems a Furoshiki is a piece of fabric in which you wrap your bento (or books, watermelon, wine) with a couple clever little folds and knots. The origami artist in me... Ah you didn't know I was one of those did you? Or perhaps you forgot--I was in a job interview and they asked me to fold something. I made a darling little frog (with a high difficulty level). I'm sure that's why I got the job. But I digress...The origami artist in me is enchanted with Furoshiki.

Luckily, along with the one included with my order, I also have a stash of fabric. I could make these. And be the envy of...

...well, no one actually.

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