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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yarn Shop Update

I was spending the day with my mom and we decided to drop by one of her LYSes.

After reading my last post I'm sure you will not be shocked by why I was annoyed.

We parked and walked toward the door. Mom said she thought they might be making sno cones. When we got closer we realized they were dyeing yarns. The instructor told us it was a class and we could watch but it might be better for the child if we stayed away. I understand but come on. They were on the sidewalk in front of the store. Where else should we walk, the parking lot?

When we entered the shop I barely had a chance to adjust my eyes when my child was swooped upon and led to the "children's area." Again, you know how I feel about this. This time I was treated like I had brought in an unpleasant bug and it had to be squashed immediately (attn LYS, they are not Moths, they are children). Fine, but was it neccessary to stare at him in horror when he ran through the shop looking for me because he had to go potty? Would you rather he piddle in the "Children's Area?" He stayed with me for the rest of the time. I wasn't really looking for anything (after my score the day before--another post) but I found a pattern I liked and purchased it. Only to learn that they frown upon credit cards for purchases of less than $10.00. Bite me. I frown upon carrying cash in my too-frequently-misplaced wallet...

...And being treated like "A Breeder."

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