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Thursday, June 05, 2008

It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

I don't like milk anymore.

I've heard so many stories of people who become vegitarian/vegan and start to dislike certain foods they used to love.

Yesterday I schlepped all over the city to run some errands for my husband. When I finally got to him (to deliver casual attire for a conference) he presented me with a mocha. It was really very sweet of him. I took one sip and asked if it was soy--the taste was off.

"No, just a nonfat mocha"

Hmm. Maybe because it was from a hotel which "Proudly Brews Astrodollars" as opposed to the "Astrodollars" shop.

But this morning our power was out and I schlepped the kids to the "Astrodollars" and ordered a simple latte. The taste was off. And when I got back to our power-restored home I drank some of our milk (after a sniff test). The taste was off.

I don't like milk anymore.

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