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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Wool Market

I wanted to love the Wool Market. I liked the wool market, I really did.

But I don't feel the need to go back next year.

Maybe I'm maturing. Last year I would have left with bags of yarn and maybe some roving and possibly a fleece. This year: Two skeins of yarn.

The majority of the market is devoted to animals. They were fun to look at. And I learned that goat kids yell and scream just like people kids, Paco-Vicunas will set you back $50,000, and I am still allergic to bunnies (but not thier fiber!). But I wasn't in the market for livestock.

I want yarn. There was some there. It's mostly local-ish independant vendors and they have beautiful things, but just not my style.

I've heard lace is the new socks; There was only one vendor who sold legit lace yarn in washed-out pastel colors. My goal was to find lace yarn in deep jewel tones. I bought two skeins of white. They're gorgeous, but I don't have my peacock yarn yet (and if you think I'm going to learn to dye yarn on cashmere/silk or angora/silk...). Either these vendors aren't quite in tune with the market, or they don't care.

There was a lot of bulky weight yarn and so much novelty yarn. And it's my impression that the knitters who learned to knit five years ago (you know, when the real rush started) now want smooth, fine yarns that will showcase their skills and create the garments that the unfortunately stereotyped grandmothers never did.

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