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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We are celebrating Mother's and Father's day this weekend due to circumstances beyond my control. I will be totally happy exploring this venue with free reign of the credit card (I have been yarn-dieting four months for this). This is mother's day to me.

So my DH felt bad about not doing anything on the real Mother's Day and got us a hotel in Estes Park. I can spend Saturday in my Nirvana. He can spend Sunday in his. Sounds like a great deal all around.

Then I found out my husband has been sniffing around an import store looking for bento boxes so I had to break the news. "Honey, I already got some, they're coming from Japan."

"How could you do this before Mother's Day? What am I supposed to get you now?"

"Um, a day surrounded by yarn with a credit card in my hands? I got you a Wii."

Silence. Pure, golden, silence.

Let the knitting god(desses) reign.

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