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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Hamper?

Ah layers. Layers are great. It is the only way to dress in Colorado. They can be stylish (though I myself have never mastered this). They can be warm, cool, somewhere in between. They can dress up or dress down. But they have one ultimate advantage for the other people who live in my house: They create laundry.

And really, why else do I keep hanging around?

Exhibit A:

I realize the picture doesn't look like much, but that folks is my husband's laundry from Saturday/Sunday. The pile is about 2 feet tall.

First we went to the Drive-In. It was nightime and potentially chilly. I packed a jacket and a blanket. DH wore seven layers. I counted. Seven

We signed up for a shift in the Relay for Life. Our shift started at 10:00 PM and as we were leaving it started to rain. Normally this is no big deal as we have spent a quarter of our lives in Seattle. I packed a sweatshirt (for the chill) and put on my good raincoat. DH found every non-cotton shirt he owns (six--I counted) and put them on. Was he warm yes. Was I...yes.

But this way he can indulge my obsession with laundry. I mean, I insist on doing it everyday so I must love it right?

Lets not discuss the growing pile of towels that have amassed from the two weeks of swimming lessons we are doing. Or the stomach flu my 2yo had (he's fine now, thanks for asking).

I can't knit, I must. do. laundry.

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