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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Black Hole

My deck looks lovely. It really does. The Businessman did a great job.

Look! Water beads on the newly finished surface!


Okay, just one little complaint.

We haven't done the stairs yet, and we may not until Spring, which makes this a great before and after picture:

Before: wood absorbed water like a sponge. After, water beads on top of wood.

Before: night time rainfall was dry by 8:00 am. After: deck still isn't dry until mid-afternoon.

Slippery when wet. Just ask the kids.

In other news, it's the first week of school, so free time has been limited. I've been trekking on the Baby Sweater while I wait for the results of the Choose Your Own Adventure I've got going on the side bar (don't forget to vote).

In working on the Baby Sweater, I met the Black Hole.

I read the pattern and knew I needed to knit on the front until it measured 8 inches. At about 7 inches I found the Black Hole. I knit about six more rows and measured: 7 inches. I knit another few rows and measured: 7 inches. I knit 1,287 more rows and measured again: 7.25 inches. I put it in time out and went to bed. When I pulled it out the next morning:

Eight inches. Yes! Time out works better on knitting than on 3yos. I pulled out the pattern to see what I should do next and read:

Buh, buh, buh, buh...Knit as for back until piece measures 6 inches. Begin neck shaping...


Six inches?

*mumbling* Stupid black hole. *yanks out needle* Stupid elves who change numbers in patterns. *starts ripping*

You'd think gift knitting would be a little more immune to rookie mistakes.

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