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Friday, August 07, 2009

Estes Vest: The Baby Sweater Detour

So. I'm blocking. I wet the pieces, pinned them to their proper size and shape and now I could twiddle my thumbs while they dry, which will take a day or two, or in the meantime I could knit...

What? Oh come on! I'm allowed to start another project while I wait for this one to be workable again. It's my blog. I was saying...I'll be knitting a baby sweater.

What I Made:

What I'll make is a cabled version of this, which I designed and knit poolside in Hawaii while drinking virgin lava flows (I was 34 weeks pregnant):

I even considered just giving this one, which I knit for my Vicious, who had the audacity to be a ten pound newborn and therefore, too large for his lovely Cashmerino sweater.

Now you know why we call him Vicious. My goodness look at those hands.

As I said, I would give away this sweater, but it's handwash. While I'm a knitter and regularly handwash things, I couldn't do that to a new mom. So new, machine washable sweater it is.

Not that the Vestes hasn't been a great ride and all, but I can't wait to start this.

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  1. Carrie2:06 PM

    Yahoo! I voted for the baby sweater!


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