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Monday, August 31, 2009

Choose My Own Adventure (Again)

Seven months ago, the Businessman booked us a trip to Hawaii. We leave early November.

I might have mentioned to him that nine months seemed a bit too enthusiastic. I mean, technically he could have knocked me up the night he made the reservation and I could have puked every morning for 200 days, created 23 new stretch marks, waddled around with knee, calf, ankle and back pain for 120 days, watched my feet increase another size, writhed for 20 hours to produce a child and then still would be able to slurp lava flows on the beach.

Except I would have been too busy finding a hit man for the urologist.

So much can happen in nine months.

Not that I didn't slurp lava flows last time I was in Hawaii-7 1/2 months pregnant. I just asked them to leave out the liquor--a request I will not be making this time around.

And now I realize I only have two months. Two months to figure out what size I'll be when I board the plane. Two months to realize no one sells swimsuits in November. Two months to clean the house stem to stern so my in-laws don't feel the need to poke around clean while they watch my kids.

Two months to decide which knitting project I should bring.

But, since I'm very much enjoying having my readers choose my projects, I see no reason to stop now.

1. Venezia by Eunny Jang in the harvesty colors I've been teasing you with:

(click pic for Interweave link)

2. A lace shawl. I have two started. One has larger needles but uses beads, the other is on needles thinner than pencil lead.

3. I have a tough time finding knitted hat patterns that don't squash my hair and make me look pea-headed. I'm thinking I need a beret of some sort.

4. It will be my tenth anniversary celebration. Perhaps I will be too busy to knit?

Never mind. I've been married for ten years and really...we already live at a mile-high elevation.

5. Socks. The kids always need socks.

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  1. Ten years to my one. How the time does fly.


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