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Monday, August 03, 2009

A Kid's Haircut

First the knitting.

Day 6:

Day 7 (not much done today):

Day 8, Now the back and left side are finished--A direct result of getting to spend an evening watching a season of Rome from Netflix while everyone was in bed:

In other news, I've been ignoring something all summer. But it came to a head, literally, this weekend.

My little Sampson Vicious has an unruly mop on his head (not that this is all bad).

What I Made:

I cut his hair. I hate doing it because he has such charming blond curls, which will no doubt go away as mine and the Businessman's did when we were children. Also, I cannot use the clippers on him as the outcome makes him look German...

...circa 1940's. Not ideal.

So the goal is to find his baby blues, keep the curls (which hide all manner of haircut mistakes) and pray for the blond to stick around another year.

It'll do.

P.S. I get him to sit still by letting him use the spray bottle. Works like a charm. Just make sure you do this outside.


  1. What is their obsession with the spray bottle? I got home from work last night and Tade informed me that he wanted a haircut. What? The kid pitches a screaming fit EVERYTIME! I didn't do it, mainly because he didn't need it, but I might have missed a grand opportunity here!

  2. He is so darling. That mischievous expression and those gorgeous eyes!

    I hate cutting Peanut's hair and if I had my way he'd have curls to his shoulders. But for some reason my husband doesn't like it when people think our son is a girl.

    Unfortunately when we come to CO the dryness will straighten it to the point he will just have shaggy unkempt long hair, like the Disney Channel boystars.


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