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Thursday, August 27, 2009

On The Lookout

I'm trying to do some market research. Which means this post will sound suspiciously like some creepy spam mail. I'm not a spammer, though some people might find me creepy, especially if you produce chocolate, yarn, or anything else that causes me to breathe heavy and drool.

I am looking for e-book authors. Specifically self-published. Preferably non-fiction.

I have some questions to ask you. You can contact me at mtnmamaknits at gmail daht calm.

In other news, I saw a snake in our backyard yesterday. It was huge and could have swallowed me whole.

I'm never leaving my deck again.


  1. Ooooo. chocolate yarn. I'd eat a whole sweater of that stuff.

  2. Hi there. I know a few authors, but they've done children's books mostly. You'd think that with all the book covers I do I'd know tons of authors, but I don't ever get to speak with them—just their design coordinator. I could probably get you in touch with Pam Ott, who did Going on a Train (first illustrated book I had published)—she self-publishes and has written a number of music books. Let me know!


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