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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Can See The Finish Lines

Well, the Vestes is almost done. Possibly today, possibly Friday. I took a quick pic while it was wearable:

The seams are sewn, the collar is on, the armholes are finished. After this pic I took a 40" circular needle and picked up about 300-350 stitches down the front, around the hem and up the other side. Now it's a squished blob and won't be camera worthy until it's off the needle. Then it's a matter of setting the pockets and hiding those dangling strings...

...and inserting a zipper. The last time I inserted a zipper it took me a year. Want proof? Here's the link before zipper July 2007, and after zipper (it's just the back but I promise the zipper's there) which was inserted August 2008.

But I think a zipper would look sportier than the buttons the pattern calls for.

In deck project news, take a look at this bench. The businessman recruited me to stain it.

That is one beauteous bench, if I do say so. But mostly because of this.

I thought that might get your attention.

The deck is finished now, but since I don't know if the Vestes will be off the needles tomorrow, I had to save the picture just in case.


  1. It looks great! I like zippers better myself. What do you have planned for that beautiful yarn? I got a reply from Jared Flood and it looks like he's interested!

  2. WOW! Both the Vestes and the deck look fantastic!

  3. That yarn totally makes the bench. :)
    Vestes is turning out gorgeous!

  4. The vest is turning out awesome! And I love the yarn colors you have stacked up there. I am in love with warm earth tones—very nice.


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