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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vestes Days 10 And 11. Bonus: A Cat Bath

Day 10 of the Vestes: Also note the huge holes in the deck.

I had a rare day of no kiddos. Fortunately it resulted in a decent chunk of knitting. Unfortunately it takes me a good 36 hours before I fully realize the potential that can be had from having no kiddos around.

They were gone 28 hours. I dontated blood. Sat in my quiet house. Played computer games. Took a nap. Pouf. The kids were back. Where did the time go?

I did intend to work out, I really did. But my achiles were having none of it.

Day 11: Look, new boards!

I am at the part of the pattern that says Finishing. Of course, those instructions are about two full magazine columns. You can see I'm working on the pocket linings now.

In other news, I washed the cat.

He spent the night outside and the Businessman said he stank. I have a remedial sense of smell so, rather than assume it was my new deoderant, I gave the kitty a bath.

He's mad at me right now.

The cat, not the Businessman.

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  1. The vest looks great, as do the deck and cat. How do you wash a cat?


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