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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Radish Pods

Here's how it goes. You start a garden and you're very excited. You get the kids in on the action. Everyone tells you that radishes are perfect for kids because they grow quickly, are brightly colored and foolproof.

No one seems to remember that radishes can be spicy. And that eating one spicy radish can turn a child off to eating garden vegetables for indefinite spans of time.

Then you quickly learn that planting 483 radish plants at once was a bad idea, because there comes a day when you go out to the back forty and find this:

But never fear! There is a solution for those bolting radishes.* Let them flower. In a week or two you'll have:

Radish pods. Radish pods taste like radish, but have the texture of snap peas. I toss them in salad. I saute them with a little garlic and crushed chile.

Yummy went out and made a harvest while I was giving his brother a haircut.

Then he and his brother ate the whole bowl.

I predict they will take the farmer's markets by storm in the next few years.

*Bolting is when your plants decide the clock's ticking and they need to grow up and make some babies.

What I Made:

Still chugging on that vest. I forgot to take my Day 9 picture though. I'm snapping Day 10 right now. After I eat some radish pods.


  1. Wow! now I want to plant some extra radishes just so I can have some radish pods! And I don't know why buy our radishes were all sweet this year!

  2. Well-I've learned something new! I always plant radishes-love them-but never knew you could eat the pods-so interesting!


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