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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deck, Vestes, And Baby Sweater Status

It took the Vestes three days to dry while it was blocking. Seriously. I got desperate and put it out on the deck all the while promising myself I would bring it in once the Businessman started sanding.

Oops. You can see it on the leftmost railing. Downwind from the Businessman. The half naked, sweaty, well-sunscreened, Businessman.

The Businessman threatened to pull me over his knee and spank me if I didn't take a picture of our lovely, freshly sanded deck.

I was tempted to let him.

I'm feeling a little attention deprived since he's spending all his freetime with the sander and powerwasher. Getting all dirty and sweaty...and hot.

What I He Made (so far):

If I spent that much time getting exfoliated and cleansed I'd look pretty good too.

Now we wait for a 24 hour dryspell so we can apply stain/sealant. Colorado, I apologize in advance as this guarantees at least two weekends of rain.

What I Made:

I had three days of baby knitting. I should block my wool in a damp basement more often.

The baby sweater is coming along nicely don't you think?

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