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Sunday, July 05, 2009

6th Picture in the 6th Folder

I've been trying to save Sundays for a day of blog rest, but Sweet Mama Jones tagged me with a simple little assignment.

1. Go to your photo folders
2. Select the sixth file folder
3. Open it and select the sixth photo in that file folder
4. Write a story for that picture, post it

Of course, knowing that there are pictures of me doing Wii yoga in this computer, I was a little hesitant to even give this one a try.

Here goes: my pics/sixth file/sixth picture

Phew! It's a good one.

These are my boys from two years ago. I don't know what possessed them to sit in a chair and pose cheesy for the camera. I'm not a sit-for-the-camera-and-pose-cheesy kind of photographer. I'm not any sort of photographer. My Vish is still blond and blue eyed and we still have no idea how that happened. My Yummy is about a foot taller now. The Businessman looks pretty much the same.

Then there's the sixth file/sixth file/sixth file/sixth picture (I have a convoluted file system. I really need to organize).

We were trying to make a Christmas card picture. We gave up after about 2,340,978 attempts.

Feel free to join in the fun. Leave a comment if you decide to do this.

1 comment:

  1. Regina9:19 AM

    i did it and posted on fb! fun! like a miniadventure through my memories!


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