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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Go Hiking

I'm still here. I wanted to see what it was like to not be chained to a computer for two days. I lasted one but overall it was a success.

The Businessman decided it was high time we took a family hike (he used the term 'deathmarch'). Even though I'm not an outdoor girl, I don't necessarily object to hiking. Unless it's 6:30 AM on a Sunday and I'm expected to be ready and there's a severe shortage of energy drinks:

The kids didn't seem to care for the idea either. They at least got to sleep in until 7:00.

It figures. The one day they sleep in.

TBM asked me to make sure the shoes were in the car and I find this:

This tells me he is taking this hike seriously. That's a lot of gear. That quantity of gear implies expectations. Those expectations seem to have forgotten a few things. Like the age of our children, my desire to knit, and the fact that his back is so screwed up right now he is seeing a chiropractor.

A month ago, he would have told you chiropractors are nutjobs.

But it seems the kids had a good time.

The Businessman is still trying to work out the math. 2 hours driving. 3 hours hiking. Total distance hiked: 1.8 miles.

I actually hiked 2.8 miles because Vish decided 1/2 mile in that he needed to go potty. I schlepped him back to the trailhead where he announced he didn't have to go after all. I refused to get him back on the trail until there was some action. He cried. He screamed.

He remembered daddy had the trail mix.

What I Made:

Nary a complaint, whine, or I told you so.

That's one miracle of the requisite three for sainthood.


  1. Hiking sounds like fun, feels like work! The last time I went I was a kid & with my dad & brother - who were serious Boy Scout types. I wanted to do well and be all "anything boys can do girls can do better" - and I scored some major points that weekend, but yeah, I was crying on the inside. Love your pics! hahaha

  2. I miss being able to drive up to Estes Park on a whim. Not sure where you guys hiked, but it reminds me of that area. We do have our little (9,000 ft) Mt. Lemmon out here though.

    I'll be hiking around the Redwoods in a few weeks time! Yay!


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