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Thursday, July 09, 2009


This is so not a food blog. It really isn't. For one thing, I don't have the photography skills.

But I do cook. Everyday. So, when I knit at what most people would consider a ridiculously fast pace...

Back and two sleeves. Started July 3rd, 2009.

...it's not realistic to expect a new knitted item every day. Or even a new crafted item.

But I do cook. Everyday.

What I Made:

I have never met a falafel I didn't like. I've made several recipes, and they've all been good.

Then Julie over at Everyday Dish posted a falafel recipe. I had all the ingredients at hand and whipped them up (yes, they are that easy to make).

These are the best falafel I have ever made. I don't know if it's because the batter is smoother than usual. I don't know if it's the deep-frying. I don't know if it's the short time it took to make them. They are awesome.

I packed them up with some tzatziki (made with greek yogurt), tomatoes, cucumber, and pita. Then we schlepped the kids to the college campus to enjoy a free concert. We assembled our sandwiches to our liking...

And ate falafel.

The Businessman said he wouldn't mind if these made it into the weekly menu rotation. High praise for a vegetarian dish.

He might be getting tired of cereal night.

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