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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Estes Vest: Days Three And Four

So how do you feel about a knitting blog getting back to its roots?

Estes Vest, day 3

I'm a little past the armhole here. I had a typical amount of knitting time today--a few moments snatched here and there between doing my chores, running errands and maintaining my children at a level of care slightly above reptilian.

And let me tell you, those crocodile moms are a tough act to beat.

Since Ravelry is basically a huge database for knitters, I'm able to search this pattern, look at other people's projects and see what problems they may have had. Regarding this pattern, there were a couple trends I noticed:

  1. The vest seemed a little too cropped and
  2. The armhole was too tight
Both situations are easily remedied. I added an extra inch to the length of the body (1/2 inch at the waist and 1/2 inch before the armhole decreases).

And on Day 4:

I added an extra inch to the armhole length. And cast on for the left front. Day four was the day of my SnB, so I had a good couple hours of knitting time.

Are you enjoying watching the development of garment? I think I might do the vote thing more often. It's healthy for me to practice monogamy. And stash busting.

And people pleasing.

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