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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Knitter In The World

I met my Personal Barista when our oldest kids were nine months old. We immediately hit it off and had an attorney draw up arranged marriage contracts for our children. The world would be so much better if more parents did this sort of thing.

She's just about the best person ever. Her only flaw was she didn't knit. So I tried to fix that by helping her knit a hat for my future daughter-in-law, which she finished. Next she made another hat for herself.

Then I moved. She had about three feet of scarf languishing for three years.

Turns out, knitting's a lot like riding a bike.

Above is direct evidence that she is a better friend than I am. Not only am I posting a pic on the internet of her in her pajamas while unintentionally? flipping me off, I let her have wine. Never let friends drink and knit. Even if she escaped this time with no problems, it's a very bad idea. I won't always be there to take the corkscrew (or needles depending on the degree of unwinding needed) away from her.

Here she is totally dressed cuter than I for a lunch date. I love how she slung the scarf around her neck while she knit it. And she's still smiling. July, no A/C, wrapped in a scarf, smiling. How can you not love her?

What I She Made:

That scarf will be finished soon. Then she will start a new project, with help from a Local Yarn Store (LYS).

Right PB?

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  1. Carrie10:07 AM

    Scarf almost finished. Couldn't bring it on the plane (I don't think, didn't check the rules) so I brought chocolate and books instead! I am itching to make something beautiful for myself...yikes! If I start spending money on yarn the Fixer will kill me! Love you.


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