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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Voted, I Cast On. The Estes Vest

It amazes me. With as many posts as I've written about all the garments I've made for myself, you still think I need more. Well, you have spoken and who am I to betray my loyal following? I will make the vest. For myself. And there will be enough yarn left over to make a second one. For someone else.

Oops. Did I just say that?

As for the minority votes, I will make everything on the list eventually. Especially that baby sweater. That baby's not putting himself on hold despite your wishes.

Here's the victim, Lamb's Pride Bulky in pistachio. Per the instructions (Interweave Knits, Fall, 2008) the gauge is 18 stitches to four inches. In my swatch above I have 18 stitches, plus a couple extra on each side for selvage. It's about as close to gauge as it will ever be.

Hitting gauge on the first try is very exciting for a knitter. Sort of like following a tricky recipe and having it work. Or tackling a home project and only needing to go to the hardware store once.

After all the preliminary warm-ups, it's time to cast on and knit.

Day 1. I had lots of extra knitting time today because we took the kids to a local movie theater that shows cartoons on Saturday mornings and serves unlimited bowls of cereal. Also, Vicious decided he needed a two hour nap while the Businessman took Yummy to the hardware store (they're not back yet and it scares me).

A good, strong start to a project.

I should be bored in about four minutes and 23 seconds.

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  1. This is looking fantastic and I love the color you chose. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

    As much as I would love to learn how to knit, I'm not sure I have the time to take on another project right now.


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