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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Lacy Cardigan

My mom recently started a project and asked me to bring over my ball winder/swift so she could get the yarn wound up. As long as I was winding, she decided to pull all her stash out. Among the stash were 13 skeins of green yarn.

Me: Where did you get those?
Mom: Brown Sheep.

I didn't think there was any green yarn left in the store after I was done with it, but here it was, a sweater's worth of yarn, in green, a color my mom rarely if ever wears.

Of course it came home with me. The funny thing was, I had just downloaded a pattern I've had my eye on for a year or so. Interweave published it as a free download this summer. It needed a heavy worsted/chunky yarn and I had none in my stash.

Until 13 skeins of chunky green yarn jumped out of my mom's stash and into mine.

I started this July 3rd. I felt I had to finish it before my mom changed her mind.

Tailored Scallops by Pam Allen
Brown Sheep Prairie Silk in Greenback. 10%silk, 18%mohair, 72%wool


  1. wooooo - so gorgeous! I love that color!

  2. GASP! You. Started. That. On. July 3rd????? Your needles must be smokin!


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