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Monday, July 06, 2009

A Little More Green In The World

Green is the new neutral. It goes with everything.

I have suspected this for some time now. Given that flowers are manufactured in every color imaginable yet always have green trimmings.

Green is my favorite color. I'm especially fond of yellowy greens like olive oil, pistachios...

...and Candleglow, the color I painted my sewing room. Several months later, I popped to some html color-key website and created my blog background color. Shortly after that, I realized they were the same color.

I can only conclude green is the color of creativity for me.

What I Made:

A decision.

Given my infatuation with green, it seemed only logical I become one of the founding contributors for a new Green Webventure called Organic Girls. My role is as yet unclear, but I'm guessing I'll be the mom who tries to save the world but only manages to buy organic mac'n cheese, yarn with a recyclable ballband, and handsoap that won't lather. A stretch for me, but I think I can manage. I'll be sure to provide all appropriate linkage as it becomes available.

And, if I just happen to learn something along the way, and pass it on to you, the world might become a little greener.

And I'm all for that!

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  1. A great, green, cheap handsoap idea is to use Dr. Bronner's liquid soap diluted with water in a foaming soap dispenser. I am using lavendar and love it!


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