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Friday, July 17, 2009

Presents For The Kids

Mountain Mama is in the Emerald city to watch Harry Potter with my BFF, consume obscene amounts of Trader Joe's goodies, chatter endlessly the way only BFFs can, visit a yarn store, and maybe drink a little wine.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Of course, if you're staying with your BFF, and effectively stealing her from her children, you should bribe them with charming little gifts.

What I Made:

For a boy, age 4:

A book about Colorado. Two Hotwheels cars (chosen by the kiddos). A CSU magnet. A reusable lunchbag for the wrapping.

And (my favorite) for a girl, age 6:

Accoutrement for a journal: Journal. Gel pens. Stickers. Tape. Glue. Hi-lighters. Post-it tabs.

In the journal I had my kids draw a picture and I wrote a letter to her. I also made 'suggestions' (tear out this page, write about your pets, glue a ticket stub here, who do you love?etc.) throughout.

I love this. I hope she likes it too.

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  1. Carrie2:59 PM

    You are beautiful, thin and will gain no weight from all that Trader Joes.


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