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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Google Search Terms

I enjoy seeing the search terms people have used to find me.

Some of them are obvious. I get lots of hits for Monster Trucks: Invitations, parties, etc. I also get hits for making your own wedding dress and sewing pattern organization. These are completely understandable and even desired as I hope I can inspire if not help.

Others are cute, and I hope they eventually found what they were looking for:

Batman Cat Collar (I found ours at Petco)
Can you watch a drive in movie in the rain (yes, but be sure to start the car every 20 minutes or so)
How to pronounce boudoir (as soon as you find out can you let me know?)
Corsets to suck me in for my wedding (Oh, how I understand)

Others are understandable--I know why my blog came up--but I'm betting the searchers were disappointed (as is my outlook on society):

Monster Truck Wedding Porn
Cat Porn

And there is one I can't for the life of me figure out:



  1. Boudoir is pronounced boo- dwah with the slightest hint of an r on the end up in your nose... additionally the accent is on the dwah(r), not on the boo.

    Don't understand the Monster Truck Wedding P0rn thing, but some things a person doesn't really need to know.

    Have a happy day

  2. did you like Harry Potter? Drew and I saw it last night. Jury's still out!

  3. how do you find out what people are using to find you?

  4. Monster Truck Wedding, you couldn't pay for advertising that funny!


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