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Friday, June 19, 2009

An American Summer Top

Some people enjoy a good read about the journey of making a garment. If you're one of those, then by all means read on. If not, just scroll through the pictures.

What I Made:

When I got my VK SP/SU 2009 I eyed this top immediately. I loved the star motif and I immediately thought it would be cute in white and blue. Not that I ever have any big plans for the 4th, but now I have something to wear regardless.

I had a few concerns upon starting this pattern. Mostly stemming from knitting a garment in a circular fashion, making a VK pattern in a larger size, and worrying that it would look slutty once it was finished.

My original yarn, was some leftover Rowan Denim, which looks, feels, and fades exactly like denim jeans. I chose yarn in an antique white and thought, if I wanted to add red detail it would be a dried-blood red. But then I was one ball short of my blue yarn (and later learned I would have been two balls short) so I had to find an alternative. The best blue I could find was a bamboo wool blend, but the blue wasn't rustic anymore.

When I was finished with the knitting, I got even more concerned because the ladies at my SnB wondered what I was going to wear under it. It's not that I object to layers, but it is a sleeveless top, the blue yarn has a little wool, and I didn't want the look to be distracted by a bunch of excess strapage.

One lady also asked me about where the red was going to go. By this point I had decided to skip the red altogether. For one, there is one spot that has just enough contrasty interest:

And for another, I can wear this throughout the summer as is. If I add red, I'm limited to one or two days a year. And as the back turned out so nicely:

There is no concern about slutty-ness anymore. I've tried it with two different bras and all straps are hidden perfectly. The Businessman stated it looked nice on me (high praise from Mr Honesty himself) and I daresay it looks better on me than Violet, as I don't have a two inch crack running down my center.

Star Camisole bt Mari Lynn Patrick
Plymouth Earth Oceanside
RedHeart Eco-Ways Wool Bamboo

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