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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheaper Than Camp

The Businessman is home! He is home and today is my official Starbucks day and the world is right.

My kids are discovering all sorts of wildlife in our yard.

What's that? Where? Oh. Hello Gorgeous!

After finding this beauty, the Businessman took my kiddos down to the pond and collected some tadpoles. I haven't taken the kids there because I wanted the Businessman to have this moment there are snakes there. The boys brought home a several tadpoles, and even more salamander larvae. So, we're observing some critters for a bit and then we'll let them go back in their pond, where nature is far better suited for their care than I am. Though they are cute, though not so photogenic.

In researching to discover what kind of critters they caught. I learned there is only one species of salamander in Colorado (the tiger salamander), and two pages of snake species not including the venomous ones.

You can imagine my joy.

What I Made:

At the dollar store I bought a package of brightly colored paperclips. They kept Vicious occupied for 45 minutes.

We made special necklaces for daddy, who proudly wore them all evening.


  1. Regina10:34 PM

    love it! we've been catching "geckos" and, thinking they enjoyed warm weather and sun (they sunbathe for goodness sake!), I convinced William that they would be happiest on the patio (as opposed to in the bug box on my kitchen table)....come to find them all dead...didn't realize they can't cool themselves...I felt aweful!!!

  2. Oh man, I loved discovering wildlife in our yard when I was little, including the garder snakes. =D Hope your little ones love the tadpoles!


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