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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Margaritas. Ever.

This post is for Sweet Mama Jones, who seems to be in want of frozen beverages.

Two years ago, we were attending a BBQ and as I walked through the door I was greeted with the best question a hostess could ask: "I'm about to make margaritas. Would you like one?"

Watching her make them, I was skeptical. Tasting one, I was converted. I've tried to find the recipe online so I can credit it. She got it from her brother's wife's sister's...Actually I was so sloshed I sort of forget. They were that good.

You will need:

Frozen limeade concentrate (NOT frozen margarita mix)
Club soda
Tequila--Don't bother with good stuff
A can of beer--Yes, yes, Miller Light. I know. it's leftover from my Podracing incident (Also, good beer is wasted, just like you will be)

Step one: Dump limeade into a pitcher. Do NOT destroy carton to do this.
Step two: Fill limeade carton with club soda. Dump.
Step three: Repeat with Tequila (yes, that's 12 ozs tequila.)
Step four: Crack beer and pour in.

That's it. Just salt your glasses, pour, and drink. It won't take long before you have a rosy summer glow and slur your words. It's a lovely feeling.

Just make sure to share with your neighbors or they might start talking about the day you decided to try walking on a tightrope in your short PJs.


  1. Regina8:25 PM

    hmmmm, i'm seriously considering having a margarita party just to try this.

  2. Holy crap, why am I late to my own game???? I totally on my way to the store to purchase the above a trip to the ABC store for tequila. Yes I know. It took me a while to come to terms with not being able to buy booze the grocery store too. They draw the line @ beer & wine. Hmmm...I feel a blog about that coming on. BUT BACK TO THIS RECIPE!!! I am so excited. ;) It's the first time I have ever purchased Miller beer. I have an interview today, this will come in handy afterwards. CHEERS MOUNTAIN MAMA!!!

  3. Mountain Mama....I BIG PUFFY HEART love you, great recipe. Potent too. Yeeeikes!


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