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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hail To Thee My Alma Mater

I am a CSU Ram. This is vital information if you are going to journey with me through this post.

You also should know I love my Vogue Knitting magazine, gourmet yarn, baths and anything from Trader Joe's. Actually, you don't need to know about my TJ feti$h for this post, but you should remember this if you ever need to send me bribery hush money tokens of appreciation.

As a Ram, CU Buffaloes are my mortal enemies. It's sort of like Twilight's Vampires vs Werewolves subplot, except the whole country knows CU Buffaloes exist and no one, not even the Buffs admit knowledge of CSU. Throughout my college days, my mom and I became quite the Ram activists. If someone was selling a buffalo sculpture, ornament, book, etc. we asked if they had any rams. We were determined to equalize rams and buffaloes, one crafter at a time.

It's a tough job, being such an advocate.

Step it forward a few years, when I am enjoying one of those baths where the water is the perfect temperature and I could stay in there forever. I had my new issue of VK and I was reading the entire thing, including the ads.

Which is when I saw a prominent ad for yarn made out of buffalo hair. My first thought, at seeing this buffalo yarn...

Have you ever had a moment when you thought something so stupid, you were glad you didn't say it out loud?

Usually, I do say it out loud. It figures the one time my mouth was smarter than my brain, I decide to let my typing fingers take over. Of course, if I had spoken, I would have been talking to myself.

..."What?! Buffalo? I wonder if anyone makes yarn from rams?"

*crickets chirping*

Don't worry if ewe don't get it. I may have just pulled the wool over your eyes. Just be a lamb and forget you ever read this.

I know, I know. That was Baaaad.

What I Made:

When I moved back to Ft Collins I wanted to commemorate the occasion of taking a step backwards in my life by making an accessory I could wear to the football games. I hunted around and found a local designer who had designed a pattern for a felted cowboy hat.

So I redesigned the brim and made one. It was perfect. Until the day it had shrunk far too much for my head. I keep meaning to make another one.

Yes, the yarn comes from sheep. Undoubtedly, some of them were rams.

Green and Gold ones.

Felted Cowboy Hat by Pat Feeley
Cascade 220 100% wool


  1. I heard the crickets out loud. LOL Just kidding! So here is where I admit that everytime I click on the link to come visit your blog I hear John Denver singing..."mountain mama, take me home...to the place, I belong..."

    ;) That is a rawkin hat!!!!! I have never made anything THAT cool before.

  2. LOL IT'S CAM!!!

    I consider it the height of irony that CSU finally won the CU game the year after I graduated. And I only heard about it from some random alum I bumped into while working a cart at the Studios. The year after I actually was able to watch the game on cable - and we won again. I think my landlord/lady could hear me hooting from the other side of their house.

    At least we have Dodge. Until they come up with a logo that looks like a buffalo, we'll always be ahead on that one.

  3. That's awesome! I wish my alma mater had a mascot that translated well to any sort of school spirit. Ours looked like Mr. Moneybags from Monopoly. Not exactly a figure to encourage feirce loyalty...


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