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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Detail Orientated

I was going to write this post about my fax-impaired supervisor and how she used to tell me she was "Detail orientated." Then I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and researched the difference between oriented and orientated.

It seems they are interchangeable. Orientated is more common in Britain and oriented is more common in the States and technical writing.

It still made that small muscle behind my eyeball twitch in much the same way as when Vicious drags my silverware across the tiles in my patio furniture. Maybe it wasn't the use of the word orientated so much as the fact she was about as detail oriented as a college house painting business.

She also wrote could of, should of and would of in her emails. As in "I should of learned good grammar."*

What I Made:

My mom and I had a dollhouse when I was little. Not that I ever played with dolls. Alas, the house is gone, but my mom has kept several of the miniatures in a shadow box. I snapped some pics for the archives (you know, those days when life gets in the way of What I Made).

This is detail oriented:

I cross-stitched that when I was 10-ish. It's two inches square.

I wish my eyes were still that good.

*I should have learned better grammar.

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  1. I LOVE miniatures. Lacking the opportunity to have a dollhouse is one of my regrets about having all boys. (Of course, what is adulthood for but indulging your inner child - I should just go ahead and get myself one.)

    There's a miniature shop in my town where the owner's showroom includes a replica of the Paris Opera House with the Phantom's lair beneath, a seven-foot castle outfitted from bottommost dungeon to the wizard's lab in the turret, a haunted house holding everyone from the Addamses to Dracula, an Imperial Chinese palace, and the department store from the Britcom "Are You Being Served?" In a word: awesome.


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