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Saturday, June 13, 2009

WorldWide Knit In Public Day

What I Made:

This little amulet bag was created circa 1992. It's traingular in shape and about three inches tall. The entire pattern was free-form.

When I was in high school, I was a bead artist. I was even commissioned a couple times to make some pieces. But I stopped. There was a loss of free time that comes with being an adult, but more than that, people seemed so shocked by my creativity that I felt uncomfortable expressing it. And I had enough issues in high school thank you very much.

I've mellowed since then. I still struggle with the attention I receive when I've made something truly outstanding, but I'm more willing to be proud of my work.

Which is why I have mixed feelings about WWKIPD (see post title). I always knit in public. I'm not sure I like the idea of creating a day around it. It makes knitting seem like something we should do in the privacy of our homes.

I knit. I knit in public. I've received second glances. I've started conversations. I've made friends.

By all means, if you feel the need to celebrate today, do so. For me it's just another Saturday.

I will probably KIP today. I usually do.


  1. I kind of agree with you on the KIP day thing. It does make it seem like knitting is something that should be private or something. And that amulet bag is beautiful. I always wished I had gotten the hang of peyote stitch. Alas, brick stitch was all I could ever master.

  2. As an illustrator, I'm embarrassed to draw in public. People marvel at the slightest line I put to paper, but I think what I've drawn is complete garbage. I'm really hard on myself, and drawing in public is probably more scary than speaking in public for me—but I do it anyway. Can't grow if you don't. I almost feel like a freak of nature or a zoo animal when people watch—oh well!


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