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Monday, June 01, 2009

Monter Truck Invites-How To

Okay, it seems I'm getting lots of traffic for these invitations I made. Here's a quick how-to. I made them several weeks ago so I only have a pic of the final product. Just refer to the photos.

You will need:
  • Premade cards and envelopes. I found these kraft paper colored ones at Michaels. I liked the color. The color becomes your "sky."
  • A couple sheets of scrap book paper. I used a bronzy-brown which I later found out revealed a black-brown color when ripped.
  • A couple sheets of sandpaper OR a different shade of scrap book paper.
  • Monster truck stickers (BMX bikes would be cute too!)
Cut the scrapbook paper into rectangles a bit larger than the width of the card (you can trim it later) and about 3-4 inches tall. Ask your kid to rip each rectangle in half down the middle. The rougher the tear the better.

Do the same with the sandpaper, but with slightly shorter rectangles.

Glue the scrapbook mountains to the card, then glue the sandpaper mountains on top. Stagger them a little. Trim the edges even with the card.

Add the truck sticker and you're done.

For the envelopes:

  • paint
  • toys with treaded wheels--I used Legos.
Pour a little paint onto a plate or something and roll the wheels through it. You'll want a scrap of paper handy to roll off the excess paint. Roll the wheels across the envelopes.

This part isn't in the pictures above:

My handwriting leaves something to be desired, so I printed all the pertinent info onto regular printer paper and tore around the edges. Then I glued that to the inside. I also printed each invitee's name and tore the edges of those and glued them to the front of the envelopes (This might not work if you had to mail them).

If this inspired you, I would love to see some pics! You can email me from my profile, or leave a link in the comments.

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