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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The First (and second) Harvest

This year's hot thing is garlic scapes, which I will try to grow next spring, maybe this fall.

Microgreens were the hot thing last year. I feel the need to tell you this, otherwise the following pictures are a bit underwhelming.

My first handpicked greens:

I once dined at a circus dinner theatre that served several courses in between acrobatic acts. The salad course was described as a mache salad served with a fillet of salmon. What I got looked a lot like the above picture, if everyone else at my table had put their servings on my plate.

Two leaves of mache and a sliver of salmon the size of a postage stamp does not a salad make.

The next day produced a slightly more substantial snack;

Fresh greens, with blueberries and shaved Parmesan. It was only two bites, but it was divine.

One thing I love about salads from my garden: I don't need dressing.

What I Made:

I'm still trekking on this one, but it's almost finished. I had to find different blue yarn and reknit all the blue bits.

I only need to knit the small blue piece that goes on the right armscythe (polite term for armpit) and then a band of blue around the bottom.

Then I will probably stare at it for a few weeks in the hopes that the ends will weave themselves in and the thing will block itself.


  1. Did you plant these from seeds? I'm still growing all my plants—the corn and squash seem to be doing the best right now.

    The only harvestable crop I have right now is my cilantro, and even that is still very young and tender.

  2. Wow, that knitting looks amazing. Are you using a pattern?

  3. I am. I'll post details when it's finished. It's #2 in the current VK.

  4. Your salad cracked me up! There's hope for everyone! Your knitting puts your gardening to shame. Really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from SITS.


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