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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Businessman took the kids camping over the weekend, which left me free to eat oreos for breakfast, watch girlie movies, and go shopping with my mom. My goodness that woman can shop. I'm still exhausted.

Among 3,347 other stores, we stopped at a yarn store we had been wanting to visit. I had heard that they have lots and lots of yarn, but the service is so-so, and I have to agree, but I was okay with that. I meandered around, not terribly inspired and it was too hot outside to even think about buying more yarn, but then I saw her.

This tiny little newborn kitten. A smoky gray one. New kittens are so soft and sweet and just snuggle in your hands.

My mother pointed out that I don't wear a whole lot of gray, but Macanudo was just so sweet, curled up in my hands, acting for all the world like we belonged together. Besides, as I pointed out to my mother, there weren't any green ones.

Later, we ended up close to my mom's regular yarn store so we went in. I ambled around the store (petting the little furball in my purse):

Mountain Mama: Are you kidding me?
MM's Mom: What?
MM: Look at this!
MMM: Where did you find that?
MM: Here with the Dale or Norway. At my eye level. Mocking me.
MMM: *bursts into gigglefit*

See? You can already tell Cohiba will grow up to be a sass. I couldn't even get her to face the camera.

Filatura di Crosa Golden Line Superior. 70% Cashmere. So Soft.

What I Made:

I made my mom laugh. Seriously. I think she's still giggling.


  1. Ha these are really cool. I love your blog :D


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