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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rainy Day Projects-Tie Dye

The Businessman loves costumes. He spends the entire year collecting costume parts, drooling over nasty, cheap wigs, wishing I spent more time sewing garments destined for his costume closet, and dreaming of the costume store he wants to open in his retirement.

I keep telling him this cannot coexist with our Mini-Golf Course in Kauai (my retirement dream is Hawaii--he just needs something to keep him busy) but he just won't listen.

Last night I got the announcement that today is Crazy Hat Day in VBS. It is reassuring to know we have an endless supply of "Crazy Hat Day" props.

What I Made:

Thanks to the fates who love to amuse themselves by watching my life, I had to break into the rainy-day cabinet this week, the first week of Summer vacation. I have seriously depleted my supplies, which makes the Wii seem more like an investment rather than a frivolous purchase.

Vicious won't wear his because he's afraid I might wash them. My green fingers have done nothing to convince him the dye doesn't wash out.


  1. Very cool. I've never tie-dyed anything, ever!

    I love the eyeball hat. Creepy, yet very cute.

    My retirement dream is to open a little scooter shop on the Mediterranean. Preferably Greece or Italy.

  2. Regina11:29 AM

    love the hat...and the shirt..as for my retirement dream....mom and pop bookshop with little cafe so I can read and bake all day!


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