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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hide And Seek

I started to knit something earlier but I got about a third of the way into it and was distracted by something shiny...or cashmere. Now, I'm almost done with a different project and thought that rather than weave in ends and finish edges, I'd let it gather some dust and pick up the aforementioned project.

Actually, if you were to warp that above paragraph (more) and add iterations which resulted in about 25 unfinished projects, you would have a fairly accurate description of my life.

Anyway, I needed to find the pattern. Close your eyes, count to 20, and then we'll seek.

This is the shelf where my magazines should live:

Filed loosely by year.

This shelf is an acceptable alternative for those times when I don't have time to file:

These obviously fell during a recent earthquake:

Didn't you hear about that? I'm pretty sure my house is directly on a fault line.

It would explain this:

Oh, those shelves used to be neat and tidy.

Well, the pattern doesn't seem to be living in My Sewing Room. Maybe it's in this bookshelf:

That crocheted monstrocity is a scrap blanket I'm making for whichever kid I like better on the day I finish it. For now, the cat sleeps on it.

Still no pattern. Maybe the shelves behind the couch:

Nope. Maybe in my makeshift end table, on the couch, or under my pretty chair:

Still don't see it. Where could it be?

In my knitting bag?

That's not it. How 'bout my other knitting bag?

No, not there.

Wait a minute...

What's that?

Ah ha! I found you!


...What did I do with the yarn?


  1. Oh man, story of my life, right there. What makes it even worse, is that I just finished totally overhauling, organizing, and cleaning everything I own. Now I REALLY can't find anything. =D

  2. I see you have a lot of green in your house. How did I not notice this when I was out there? I love green … it's a great color.

    And to the topic … this post makes me realize that I really need to organize my office.


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