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Thursday, June 11, 2009

T-Shirt Necklace

Today begins the countdown. I have no idea when the Businessman will be home, but I know it will be today.

Almost makes me want to pack the kids up and go away on a daytrip so we're not here when he finally gets back. I'm sure he misses his children (as much as I miss my waistline).

I'm in better spirits today, thanks in large part to Ben and Jerry, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the knowledge that I consumed less than half of one, and all of the other in one night.

What I Made:

The T-shirt necklace is all over the internets these days. I first found it here. It's ridiculously easy to make one yourself, especially when you see the pricetags some of these are fetching.

This one started as a cheap green T-shirt I got at the craft store when I got the rest of the tie-dye supplies. I tie-dyed the shirt and then cut the strips per the tutorial. The kids loved stretching the loops to make them curl and hide all their raw edges.

I like the way the colors sort of mottled once all the slicing and curling was done.


  1. It looks awesome!! Tie dyeing it first is a fun idea!

  2. I know, I've been seeing these on the net and I LOVE them. Going to borrow a friend's rotary cutter & mat to make my own!

  3. Ooooh... I really like that! So cute!

  4. Great job! I love the effect the tie dyeing gives it. Thanks for posting about my tutorial.
    Take care.


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