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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I had a poll up (look to the right) about creativity. Since I know three of you who read this blog, and I had four answers, I'm not entirely shocked by the result.

All of you feel you are creative (with one of you being smart about mind altering substances). I'm glad to see this. In my experience with the real world, most people claim no creativity whatsoever and this frustrates me.

In my MOPS group this week, we had an interior designer guest. She was a great speaker and had great suggestions, but she didn't have "rules." I loved this; it seems no one else did. Rules are too limiting. You should just do what you like. The problem being we don't know what that is.

When someone asked what we can do about art when we can't afford it I finally butt in and said MAKE IT YOURSELF! Seriously. Go to the craft store, grab supplies in colors you like and slap it on a canvas. Most of us can't interpret abstract art anyway (including me). You can have something on your wall in an afternoon for less than $10.00. I have been in the homes of "collectors" and often they don't even enjoy the art on their walls (though some do)--it's an investment meant to be sold in the future. At least slapping some paint or other media on a canvas you'll know you like the colors.

But few people think like this.

How can you break into a mindset and extract ideas? How can you convince someone that creativity isn't about perfection, it's about trying?

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