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Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Really Should Listen To Your Inner Voice

Remember yesterday when I saw what I thought was a horribly obvious error in my knitting but my friends assured me was unnoticable. Turns out I was right. It kept bugging me because I have worked with this lacy stitch before and the only way it could go wonky is if A) I knit instead of purled a row or B) I skipped a row...

Skipped a row...that seems ominous. Of course I didn't skip a row. There's no way. To prove it I'll count 1,2,3...

15 minutes later (and asking Vicious if I have my counting numbers right) I had to admit it. I skipped a row (and had lots of practice counting to 12, 24, 15 and 27).

So it is now a pretty green circle with a huge glop of ramen noodles hanging off it. It should be all sorted out by tomorrow.

BTW, the yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in Peridot, An acquisition from my field trip.

What I Made:

Simple napkins. Seriously easy. I have made napkins before and even have some fabric lying around simply for the purpose, but I hadn't gotten around to hemming or surging them. Then I dined at a restaurant where they had cloth napkins; they simply left the edges raw.


This batch is from a cotton print I found in the clearance section. A $2.00 a yard, I can't pass up fabric with cats on it.

Item: I have a friend who spent some time in Europe getting her Hotel & Resort Management degree. They were graded on table setting and the students with the fancy folded origami napkins--not so hot. You see, when you fold a napkin in a complicated manner, you touch the napkin more--it becomes a health issue. Think about that next time you're at a fancy dinner.

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