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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rhapsody In Powdered Sugar

Several years ago, two poor but very in love and newly engaged college students decided to spend Spring Break in New Orleans. Armed with every cent of money they were able to earn in the six weeks before the trip, they rented a car and made the long, perilous journey to the Big Easy.

After checking into their bed and breakfast (newly engaged, remember?) they decided to hit the French Quarter immediately. They fell prey to Pat O'Brien Hurricanes, hot dog carts, and scam artists. The evening left their meager cash reserves substantially lessened. They lost heart and worried they wouldn't be able to last a week.

The next morning, they dined on their breakfast (thankfully already paid for) and headed back into the Quarter.

They discovered Mecca, Zen, and Enlightenment.

What I Made:


I used a coupon and got a fryer yesterday just so I could make these (they were awesome). This morning I made beignets. Recipe from Joy of Cooking. While mine weren't like the ones at Cafe Du Monde (theirs are more like a fried dough and these were more a pate a choux), they certainly tasted great with coffee.

This one was my favorite. I named him Octi.

Now that I got the deep fat frying out of my system (and need to run a few on the treadmill) I have put myself on an oil-buying freeze. But I think my kids loved 'em.

If I had any technical skill I would make a mini movie of these two pics repeating. Because that is exactly what happened.

As for the New Orleans trip, we got smart, did a driving tour and found a local at a cigar shop who gave us all the insider tips we needed. It was a great trip.


  1. YUM, cafe du monde. Now THAT would have been a tragic thing to miss.

    Now I am craving beignets.

  2. Funny! I deep fried sourdough doughnuts today! I needed something like that too. Sigh.

    We're getting ANOTHER foot of snow today/tomorrow. ;) Just so you know.


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