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Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have a lot of sock yarn. At one point, I decided sock yarn would make great "souvineers" when we travel places. Except for one problem: I don't wear socks.

So I stopped buying sock yarn and started knitting socks for my kiddos. The idea was, I would knit for my oldest and then it would be handed down to the youngest. But I felt bad and decided to knit my youngest a quick pair. He loves them. As soon as they are out of the dryer, he puts them on. If they're in the wash, he pesters me until they're clean again.

How can I ignore this sort of gratitude?

So, I bought some rainbow yarn (rainbow being the favorite sock color around here) and found this pattern in a book I have (you need a Ravelry ID to see that link--if should have a ravelry ID you already have it) and voila:

One sock. One of the most adorable socks I have ever seen, much less knit. I cast on for the second yesterday but the first one is so darned cute!

It's also big enough to take him into next Fall, as I (hopefully) won't make him wear them with sandals this Summer.

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