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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have startitis. A well known, if not common, ailment among knitters. See a yarn, cast on a project. See another yarn, cast on another project. This is related to the very rare disease of finish-itis. To date, very few knitters have had severe cases of finish-itis, most have had startitis.

For me the cure is to let the disease run its course. Eventually something will grab my attention and I'll be unable to stop.

That may have already happened.

What I Made:
I have an old Vogue Knitting (1998) and this project caught my eye. I may never wear it, but the desire to knit it is overwhelming. So much so that I cast on with yarn that I know I don't possibly have enough to complete the thing as written and will have to do some massive wrangling when I get to the sleeves. But see? I'm already talking about sleeves like I might actually get to them.
I'm going to keep it a surprise. It is slowly creating a delicate, beautiful image and all will be revealed as I knit.

There is a glaring error staring at me. My SnB friends assured me no one will notice it but these pics make it plain as day. There is clearly a row in the lace panel that has gone awry.

And that is what I made yesterday.


  1. I love the new direction of your blog.

    The yarn for your current project is beautiful. I'm a sucker for greens and teals though.

    I too have startitis, though I must admit it usually stalls around conceptitis. Ooh, I should draw this, paint that, doodle those.

  2. Bravo! I control my knitting startitis via a very strict regimine of "one project and ONLY one project on the needles". It seems to be the only solution that works for my easily-distracted self.


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