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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Generation Green?

Yummy and I had to wrap a present for a birthday party yesterday. I have a stash of wrapping paper (of course) and I have kept nearly every gift bag I've ever been given, just in case. So I told Yummy I would run to My Sewing Room and grab something.

Yummy: "Mom, we really should use newspaper. It's recycling and better for the earth."

I'm so proud. *wipes tears of joy* My little boy is becoming an environmental activist.

I chose to run with it rather that mess with his little head about how the paper probably won't be recycled, the toy he chose is cheap plastic junk, and most of my wrapping supplies are Second-hand/reusable. Small victories people, small victories.

What I Made

Last year I came across this pattern which is one of the most popular patterns in Ravelry, and rightly so. The chart is so simple and effective. Perfect little Jolly Rogers in 13x11 stitches. Amazing.

I've made numerous versions of this hat for my kiddos. This one fit my son for a year and then I donated it to an auction. It was my best color combo (so far) and used up leftovers--always a bonus.

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